Birds on a Wire


American spy Mitchell Dirlam knows a bullet is coming. But when? Birds On A Wire is a romantic thriller that chronicles the dangerous, emotional roller coaster ride of Eli and Rita Parks who thought they had found a peaceful second chance at first love in rural Montana.

From the second African-American President of the United States Elijah Rittenhouse, the Parks family learns that its existence is in immediate peril. An infuriated North Korean government has assigned Hyun Lee, a beautiful and tenacious North Korean assassin, to avenge the actions of Mitch Dirlam and Parks, who has been mistakenly associated with his co-worker at the U.S. Naval Warfare Center.

At the heart of this non-political story, an admirable, long-time friend hopes to protect his college roommate from a North Korean operative whose disdain for men makes killing Parks and Dirlam even more desirable.

In print and on Kindle since March of 2012, below are some of the many complimentary reviews that can be found on Amazon:

  • I did not want it to end!
  • …one of the greatest fictions I’ve read in ages!
  • Wow is all I can say!
  • For me, this was reminiscent of the The Da Vinci Code.
  • Clancy has Jack Ryan. Wyckoff has Eli Parks!
  • …was so engrossed, I nearly missed the call to my flight!
  • Great accomplishment for a first-time author!
  • Provided plenty of suspense and action. A page turner!
  • Warning: Hard to put down!

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