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All of Will Wyckoff’s books Slow Fire BurningRabbit Trails, and Birds On A Wire are available to book clubs around the United States, and he offers you a special arrangement for any of them.

He has always offered a popular promotion that not only benefits club members, but also various organizations he earmarks as being in need of a fundraiser. To date, book clubs have helped him raise money for the following:

  • The American Diabetes Association
  • Saint Baldrick’s Research for Childhood Cancers
  • The Hawley, PA volunteer fire department
  • Penn State University’s THON for research for Childhood Cancers
  • The Hawley, PA Public Library
  • Honesdale, PA’s Grace Episcopal Church’s “Warmth in the Night” homeless shelter
  • Bethany, PA’s Public Library

This is how it works:

  1. Contact Will and tell him how many members are in your club.
  2. He will ship you the title(s) you prefer free of charge!
  3. Via the Honor System, only the members who enjoy Will’s novel(s) pay him $10 for each of their books.
    1. Half of that $10 pays for printing and shipping
    2. Half of that $10 goes into the fundraiser.
    3. Will profits not one penny from this promotion.
  4. Members who do not enjoy his novel, simply PROMISE to donate their books to a public library of their choice.