Rabbit Trails


Rabbit Trails shares the journey down Jake McGee’s Memory Lane. Now a young adult, he recalls his community’s search for his grandfather who mysteriously vanished in their neighboring woods. After all others gave up, seven-year-old Jake secretly begins a six-year-long journey seeking answers. During that time, much-needed help comes from unexpected sources: the fifth grade girl who grows to become his best friend, the school bully who hassles them daily, two exceptional, young teachers, an amazing grandmother, and Artie the family basset hound. As Jake reveals the intricacies of his adolescence, he reminds all of us of the subtle discoveries we endured throughout our youth “back in the day”.

In print and on Kindle since May 24th, below are a few of the reviews that can be found on Amazon :

  • Surprise after surprise!
  • This story connects with …anyone who has struggled to say ‘Goodbye’.
  • Unexpected twists and turns keep you reading just one more page!
  • As a coming-of-age novel, I highly recommend it.
  • One of the best feel-good books I’ve read in a long time!
  • This book speaks to different parts of all of us.
  • This is a winner!

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